Can’t smack our heads hard enough right now.

EDM seems to be nearing its apocalypse sooner than we anticipated. Here’s a fad that is catching on to stay. We were barely done ridiculing Beamz by Flo and the lameness of it already abounds. The long-awaited and highly anticipated EZ Pro DJ Mixer is here… said no one, ever.

Every time you think you cannot be more surprised with the dingbats of the dance music world, out comes someone to prove you wrong. The EZ Pro DJ Mixer is aimed at the amateurs and uses the bait of ‘everyone can be a DJ – even your grandmother’.

Although the video is quite entertaining, the product in itself is quite ludicrous. Watch the commercial here:

Wonder what Deadmau5 has to say about this one.

All The Sherp has to say is: When will the madness stop?