Desi Bass master Su Real has dropped the Twerkistan: Zindabad album, a special collection of remixes and instrumentals exclusively for the Sherp!

The album will be available for free download across all platforms! Suhrid Manchanda, who produces ace bass music under the moniker Su Real is also using this platform of a remix album, to give up-and-coming producers and DJs across the country a push. Reworks of the Twerkistan tracks have been undertaken by a varied range of underground Indian artists featured on the album including Anoop, bass/trap producer Mr. Doss, hip-hop outfit ViceVersa, Delhi based Bass Foundry, future bass producer Ezzyland, glitch maestro Dubtron, Psychorigid, Mumbai based DJ Anoint, Angia, and one contest winner all the way from Kuwait – Joshin.

Credits: Irina Usova

Twerkistan: Zindabad, the follow-up to the Delhi based producer’s 2016 full length albumfeatures 11 remixes, 5 instrumentals and 2 bonus tracks! The styles range from footwork and dubstep to desi bass as well as pure festival EDM. The remix album has been mastered by fellow indie producer, Pippin aka Jatin Puri.

What artwork! Original artwork by Kunal Lodhia is re-contextualized by Su Real for the remix album. Check it out:

Credits: Su Real

While certain tracks like “Soldiers”, “Kabaddi” and “Twerkistan” have been remixed by different producers, you can see the wide range of approaches to the craft from Ezzyland’s futuristic style to Bass Foundry’s bass heavy treatment and the downright banger approach by Joshin. Also, keep your ears open for Su Real’s bonus track on the album, the producer’s self confessed favourite – “Shaadi Barbaadi”.

Check out the tracklist and stream the ‘FS exclusive’ albums below:

  1. Su Real ft. Karma – “Jhook Gyal” (Su Real’s Still Jhookin’ Remix)
  1. Su Real – “Pagal” (Mr. Doss Remix)
  1. Su Real ft. P-Man – “Fitness Pump” (ViceVersa Remix)
  1. Su Real – “Soldiers” (Dubtron Remix)
  1. Su Real – “Soldiers” (Anoint Remix)
  1. Su Real – “Sufi Salute” (Angia Remix)
  1. Su Real – “Kabaddi” (Bass Foundry Remix)
  1. Su Real – “Kabaddi” (Ezzyland Remix)
  1. Su Real – “East West Badman Rudeboy Mash Up Ting” (Psychorigid’s East-West Kanyar Malfezan Moufia Ting Remix)
  1. Su Real ft. Tanya Nambiar – “Twerkistan” (Anoop Remix)
  1. Su Real ft. Tanya Nambiar – “Twerkistan” (Joshin Remix)
  1. Su Real – “Twerkistan” (Instrumental)
  1. Su Real – “Fitness Pump” (Instrumental)
  1. Su Real ft. Ritviz – “Turn Up” (Instrumental)
  1. Su Real – “Thuggee” (Instrumental)
  1. Su Real – “Pakis In Paris” (Instrumental)
  1. Su Real – “Turban Shake” (V.I.P. Edit)
  1. Su Real – “Shaadi Barbaadi” (Album-only Bonus Track)

About the instrumentals, Manchanda says, “There are a lot of sick underground desi MC’s these days – I wish I had more time to just churn out beats for them! By putting out these instrumentals, I’m hopeful some of these cats will spit over them… Also curious if any DJ’s can make some interesting mash ups with them!”

Also, watch Su Real’s new trippy video for “East West Badman Rudeboy Mash Up Ting” below: