We’ve seem them all at festivals, the most bizarre bunch of people. But if Game of Thrones’ characters could take some time out from scheming, killing and dragons, which music festivals would they choose to attend?

The Sherp does musical festivals appropriation across the Game of Thrones universe. Valar Morghulis, everrryyyybaaaady!

..Pssst… There may be few spoiler references, so if you’ve had no Game of Thrones binging ever, and haven’t jumped onto the bandwagon yet, but care enough to want to, you might want to stay away.

1) Arya Stark

Arya is a badass. She picks up the sword faster than Sansa straightens her skirt. We love that she named her dire wolf after a Queen. But, as we’ve known from the last two seasons, she can be quite the wanderer. Arya would forever be festival hopping really. Making it all the way to the Colorado Desert to catch Coachella, resting for it, before heading all the way to the next festival again! Badass festival wielder, more like.


2) Cersei Lannister

The queen of ice, wine and absolute disregard has no place at a music festival. It can be too raw, crowded, sweaty and dare we say common for the queen’s (former, sic!) taste. No, Cersei is more an elite Cannes Film Festival kinda person. The one who’d come flaunting in, in her ethereal gowns, with literally no fucks to give for bad movies, and bad clothes.

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3) Tyrion Lannister

Apart from genuine intelligent hate, hate for his sister and father, if there is one thing that consumes Tyrion Lannister is..uhmm, beautiful women. Tyrion loves having a good time, if you know what we mean, so he’d be at a festival that’s uninhibited, scandalous, and that is most well known for having naked people. KaZantip, with its hordes of people in swimwear and without, would be his haven!

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4) Jon Snow

You know nothing, Jon Snow. Except being a badass at the wall, protecting it like few can, and earning praise and jealousy in equal accounts. So much so, that snow has become an integral part of you, now (haha!). But in all seriousness, you have no place soaking in the warmth of exotic festivals. Winter is Coming, and you’re best found at Snowbombing Festival, soaking in music in your ice igloos.

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5) Daenerys Targaryen

The mother of dragons, Daenerys is the wild (rightful, apparently) queen who got married to the chieftain of the Dothraki tribe. She is also the person who gave us the gory stallion heart eating scene (calm down guys, it was only gummy bears) to prove her love for her ‘sun and stars’. There is no place Daenerys fits in best than Burning Man, the precinct of everything wild and raw. Perfect!

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6) Margery Tyrell

The pretty one, not to mention, the one who almost had three husbands, Margery Tyrell effortlessly makes heads turn. Not just the men, the women too can be bloody wary of her (Cersei, we’re talking to you!). So pretty one Margery will be the centre of attention at what-else but Coachella! Since Coachella attracts the rich-celebrity-esque attendees, Margery, from her Game of Thrones version of California, Highgarden, would fit in just right.

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7) Sansa Stark

Oh, who are we kidding! She’d be at home, moping around about how sad the world has become since her impending marriage to Joffrey fell apart.

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8) Little Finger

Petyr Baelish plots way too much to actually sit back and have fun. He would probably be in the room next to Sansa’s having inappropriate images of Sansa and Catelyn Stark, together. Gasp!

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9) Joffrey Baratheon

Sorry for being crude, but Joffrey is a little bitch. But putting aside the evilness, there are many other traits he willfully carries. He’s arrogant, not particularly bright, and super stubborn like an overgrown man-child. Tomorrowland is Joffrey’s domain, alright. He wouldn’t care who’s playing. He’d just be there for all the pretty people. And since the tickets are expensive, it’s got to be good right?

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 10) The Hound

The Hound is big. The Hound is angry. And The Hound will be only at a metal concert! Wacken Open Air, where The Hound can dispense some of the aggression with some massive head-banging! Bring on the growling!

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