Watch the dance music legends cook some mouthwatering and high-calorie food!


Epic Meal Time is arguably one of the funniest YouTube channels you can subscribe to. If you haven’t already watched their episodes, what are you waiting for? The Canadian cooking parody show is known for creating extremely high-calorie meals – perfect for your munchies and your cardiologist’s bank account!

The show is hosted by the badass Harley ‘The Sauce Boss’ Morenstein along with a group of friends. Till now, they have had two guests from the dance music industry – Deadmau5 in 2011, and more recently Steve Aoki.


1. Epic Mau5 Time: Cheesy Grilled Cheese Tower

Harley and his friends pay a visit to Deadmau5 in his kitchen to make a grilled cheese tower with bacon strips and more cheese! The spicing-up elements in the grilled cheese tower are the hand-crushed cheese puffs and the Jägermeister poured over it, resulting in a delicious cheesy batter. Your mouth is already salivating? Wait till you watch these masterchefs cook and devour the melted cheesy stuff before your eyes! The video also features Deadmau5’s ex-girlfriend and Playboy Playmate Lindsey Evans taking a bite of the giant sandwich.

Even Deadmau5’s cat gets a customized epic meal.


2. Steve Aoki: Irish Nachos – Handle It

Although this episode lacks the usual brutality and furious eating of the big portions, we quite love the end-result! Cooking seems to be a favorite activity of many DJs, and Steve Aoki is no novice. The Dim Mak chief, who is an ace in whatever he does, even gives pro tips like when to flip the potatoes to the other side and how to cut avocadoes.

And since we’re dealing with food here, there has to be a cake-smash. Watch till the end!