Marking his appearance as one of the headliners at Lollapalooza Brasil, the legendary rapper took the instrumental for popular The Weeknd song ‘The Hills’ and layered his vocals on it, all live!

Also, to top it all, he ended his phenomenal set with his lesser-known single ‘Fack’, taking concert-goers by surprise and driving them into a frenzy!

According to people who have kept a close tab on the rapper’s live shows, ‘Fack’ has never been performed in front of a live crowd before. While some fans assumed Eminem would use a more familiar hit to close the show, he killed all possible speculations in a Facebook post that shows ‘Lose Yourself’ crossed out from his set list and replaced with Fack.

A mere Facebook post wasn’t enough, so there were still some doubts in the air as to whether Eminem would actually dare to do this. But, as this YouTube video clearly depicts, Slim Shady took the plunge, and it was a damn good decision. The massive crowd response to ‘Fack’ is more than audible from this live snippet of his set, taken by a fan.

If you can bear with the quality, here’s a video of his entire Lollapalooza performance:

Trust the ‘Not Afraid’ hit maker to pull out the unexpected every single time he performs in front of a crowd!