Debut single “Down” is so SICK that we can’t wait for more from this duo!

London/LA based electronic duo FARR are the newest fish on the block and have been quite the catch with their debut single “Down”! Comprised of vocalist Roméo  and producer Linden Jay, the two met in May 2016 at a random but fated studio session, and since then it’s been quite the success ride for the duo and their unique experimental hybrid music.

Vocalist Roméo has grown up in LA while producer Linden Jay in London, yet despite the distance the two manage to stay connected and work on their music using modern technology.  Roméo has been greatly influenced by soul/R&B’s  iconic artists such as Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding and D’Angelo, although his songwriting has pop roots.  According to Romeo, His mum blasted everything from Latin Jazz to 90’s House music, while his dad gave him his first record- sgt pepper’s lonely hearts club band.

Jay, on the otherhand, comes from a new creative generation of artists and is everything from a producer and sound engineer to a multi instrumentalist and musical director. He brings together classic nostalgic feelings with contemporary electronic beats.

Source: FARR on Facebook

“Down” is the result of the combination of the duo’s diverse backgrounds as multi-instrumentalists and producers, with a brilliant blend of pop and contemporary beats with an R&B feel. The duo is breaking barriers with their diverse sounds that is a fresh twist on modern rock and soul music.

Expect to be blown away when you listen to this track!

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