The first in the series of 2016’s Electric Island concert+picnic-style event kicked off last weekend where Canadians got to enjoy an extra day off on Monday.

To add to that, a good handful of Torontonians got to enjoy their extra Monday off, celebrating on the island to some good, vibey techno music, while grabbing some grub to eat from the various food trucks there, or perhaps taking a break to play some ping pong.


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If this sounds like news to you, you haven’t attended an Electric Island event before. Known by all Torontonians to be the flagship techno event of the summer (nay, the year?), it’s a day that all techno heads mark their calendar for, and may as well be the unofficial way to announce that summer, along with it’s festival season, has arrived here in Toronto.


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It takes the right ingredients to pull off a successful event in Toronto. Does the event have a lineup to yearn for? Does the event have food you don’t see elsewhere? Is there an experience offered? Are the weather and sun gods blessing your event? Electric Island checked off yes for all these factors.

With a lineup so varied yet in the same category, Electric Island attendees were exposed to some great variety of music, with consistent hard-hitting basslines, to breaks that occurred just as the moment was right. DJ Tennis and Jamie Jones gave the crowd an upbeat, bouncy, almost funky set, while as soon as Sven Vath took the decks, the sound instantly took us to a more Berlin-style vibe, with long dark build ups, and rewarding releases.

Island 2016 Sven +Jamie 848

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All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to start off the summer, as well as start off the Electric Island series. To find out about the next one coming up, along with the lineup information for Canada Day, visit