The Foresters are all for spreading the love this year.

Electric Forest, a Michigan festival happening this June, just revealed that they are going to attempt a world record breaking group hug at the event. Why? Well, why not?


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This just goes on to show that the EDM community is not without affection. Here’s the statement they released about their group huggin’ plans:

“For the Plug In Program’s biggest project yet, foresters will assemble at the Sherwood Court Stage in the thousands, with the goal of besting the current record of 10,554 participants. Come prepared to show the world all the love that holds us together, and that inspires us to move forward.

A very special thank you goes out to Tom, Amber, Emily, & Chris – bold members of the Forest Family who dreamt up this vision, and together with HQ will be making it a reality in 2015.

Set a reminder today – there is no community in the world that this record is more perfect for than the Forest Family.”

Follow their Facebook page for more deets about the fest.