…and we are not surprised, although it’s hard to remember a time when Drake or The Weeknd weren’t ruling Spotify!

Ed Sheeran has officially become the most popular artist of Spotify. He has the highest number of monthly listeners, even overtaking previous kings like The Weeknd and Drake. It’s been almost six weeks after he released his record-breaking songs which broke his long hiatus, and the realms of Spotify have chosen their rightful king.

Ed Sheeran has established 42.18 million monthly listeners on the musical platform, which is more than one-third of its members. Moreover, ‘Shape of You’ has over 300 million plays and ‘Castle on the Hill’ has over 150 million. The Chainsmokers are currently at 2nd place with 37.8 million monthly listeners and Taylor Swift is currently Spotify’s 16th most popular artist with 23.67 million monthly listeners.

In December, The Weekend overtook Drake at No.1 on the list – where the Canadian rapper had ruled for almost half a year! On today’s rankings, The Weeknd is third in the world with 37.67 million listeners, while Drake is fourth with 34.56 million. It feels almost uncomfortable to not have these two at the top of Spotify. Drake recently became the first artist to reach 1 billion spins on Spotify with ‘One Dance’ which has 1.11 billion plays to date. Drake was also 2016 and 2015’s most played artist on the platform, and is the most streamed artist of all time on Spotify.

Maybe, Ed Sheeran will rule the better part of 2017’s Spotify’s monthly listeners, as his newest track ‘How Would You Feel (Paean)’ – the third track from his upcoming third album, ÷ ( “divide”) is out!

Just so you know the gravity of the mind-blowing ascent of Ed Sheeran on Spotify, in December last year, he didn’t even had enough monthly listeners to make the Top 25 and by January 8, after the release of ‘Shape of You’, he became the 25th biggest artist in terms of global monthly listeners which has now escalated to the first spot!