In its 7th year now, Dragon Dreaming Festival is a place where Australia’s alternate culture shines. It’s also incredibly beautiful and trippy as hell.

This gorgeous festival is known for the environment it creates, which welcomes families and children of all ages. From October 23-26, Wiradjuri Land near Canberra, Australia will be transformed into a bustling festival that’s three days of camping, with music spanning a number of genres, markets, healing spaces, a kids’ space and a lot more! Dragon Dreaming Festival prides itself on nurturing local artists, and the stages at the festival bring live bands, gypsy, dub, tribal rhythms, psytrance, glitch, progressive, ambient, and even reggae! Everyone can find their groove here somewhere.

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The stages at the festival represent the four elements every year – Air, Water, Fire and Earth, and the performances and ambience embody the elemental reflection. The festival has Lifestyle Spaces, where you can go to “unwind, learn and engage new activities or reconnect with your inner self” with a range of different workshops and activities.


Healing spaces at the festival are perfect for anyone who wants to get away from the busy crowd, and stretch or do some yoga after having danced for hours. The Kids Space also has a bunch of activities and workshops to ensure that they’re having just as much fun, if not more. The festival supports the local economy, using locally made products and engaging in sustainable, eco-friendly practices. Attendees are encouraged to look after their surroundings and leave nothing but footprints.