These bloody mosquitoes can’t give anyone a break!

Lane 8 has been on the road for his ‘This Never Happened Tour’ but has had to cancel his show in Miami because of concerns regarding the Zika virus. The DJ, who is expecting a child with his wife in the following few months, took to social media to explain the cancellation because of the virus causing issues in Miami.

He has promised fans another show in the city in 2017, but the ache of the loss is still raw. This virus is causing a lot of tour cancellations and has been rumoured to move all across Florida as it spreads. This news was revealed on the artist’s Facebook page which has left fans devastated.

(Credits: facebook/ lane8)

The Zika virus disease is caused by a virus transmitted primarily by the aedes mosquitoe and can cause birth defects during pregnancy. It’s completely understandable why one would’t want to cause anymore complication to an already sensitive situation (we love you ladies). The event, that was going to be held on the 11th of November (the first time the DJ would return after six months), had sold a considerable amount of tickets but we have no clue about how that is going to be solved.

There can also be a situation where Ultra Miami could be cancelled due to this widespread disease. We hope that it doesn’t come to that!