Find out what your favorite DJs do before taking to the decks!

Playing to a crowd of thousands can be pretty intimidating for some DJs, even if they’ve been around in the scene for years. Come to think of it, hell, it’s goddamn hard work making people dance all night! Although most admit that they’re more at ease once the music starts, the few minutes before the DJ plays his set could be slightly frightening. Here are some amusing pre-gig routines popular DJs indulge in (and if you’re an aspiring DJ, these tips might just help you):


1. Armin van Buuren

The Dutch god of trance admits that he always wants to sleep, even if it’s a half-an-hour-nap. He says the ‘DJ nap’ helps clear his mind. Apart from snoozing, he also takes a hot shower followed by checking his emails and also reading up a little about the club he’s going to play at. To feel fresh, Armin refrains from drinking alcohol before going on stage. The perfectionist confesses that he gets extremely nervous and always wants to have his CD players updated with the latest software and is meticulous about getting to the venue on time!


2. Zedd

24-year-old Anton Zaslavski loves Aoki’s ‘Disco Naps’ before he heads to the venue. He also does 3000+ sit-ups, which he starts at 2999.


3. Dirty South

The Grammy nominated Dragan Roganovi? arrives a good 30 minutes before his set and relaxes in a room by not having many people around. And if it’s a really big show, he downs some shots of tequila to calm the nerves.


4. John Digweed

English record producer and DJ, John Digweed needs to really get in the zone before going on stage by isolating himself for 20 minutes. He catches the last bit of the DJ playing before him to see the crowd’s reaction.


5. A-Trak

Canadian turntablist, DJ and record label owner, Alain Macklovitch does a hand warm-up consisting of finger exercises for scratching.


6. Michael Calfan

French producer, Michael Calfan, who was in India last month, makes music in his hotel room; some bootleg followed by a shower and is ready to go. He doesn’t like to arrive too early at the venue and prefers being there 10 minutes before his set.


7. Nitrous Oxide

Polish DJ, Nitrous Oxide also known as Krzysztof Pretkiewicz (no, let’s just stick to Nitrous Oxide!), takes a bath in goat’s milk two hours prior to his set. Just kidding. This Anjunabeats artist, unlike the others, seems pretty confident and knows what he’s going to do and admits he is always well prepared for his set.


8. Markus Schulz

This Miami-based German trance producer, who played a mammoth 12-hour set at Tomorrowland this year, says he only needs a cup of coffee to keep him going for eight hours at a stretch! Markus, massive respect to you!


9. Ferry Corsten

Who would have thought this astronomical Dutch DJ was a comfort eater? Yes, that’s right. Ferry loves a nice dinner before his performance to shake off any stress. He also admits having a weakness for Asian food!


10. Dillon Francis

This one takes the cake! Recently, before a set at Surrender in Las Vegas, Jonathan Shecter (Director of Programming at Wynn) turned on the live feed in Francis’ room so the crowd would get an idea of his pre-show routine. Apparently, he ‘air-DJs’ in the bathroom and barfs in the toilet. He is obviously just trolling: