The producer has been dominating social media with news of the album ever since he released the cover photo.

Snapchat king, music guru and successful artist, producer, entrepreneur and author, DJ Khaled, has finally released his highly anticipated, “Grateful” album. This album marks the multi-platinum artist’s 10th studio album and what is so far, arguable one of the biggest records of the year. You can order it on iTunes here. 

The star continues to dominate social media and entice conversations worldwide. The cover art alone, was trending, across the globe, on social media when Khaled posted it a few months ago.  The photo featured the artist’s adorable little son as well as the album’s executive producer, Asahd, relaxing in a hot tub.

“Grateful” includes “To The Max” featuring Drake. The collaboration adds to a custom of multi-platinum mega-hits that include “I’m On One,” “No New Friends,” and 2016’s “For Free”. This time around, the stars are set to deliver yet another summer hit of massive proportions. Drake’s rhymes are pure heart and fire as he is driven by the well-known knack for melody.  Check it out here. 

Credits: Billboard

The track arrives fresh on the back of Khaled’s biggest song till now,  “I’m the One” [feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, & Lil Wayne] which debuted #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 earning DJ Khaled his first #1 single in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. What’s great is that the song is maintaining its spot on top charts everywhere.  This album brings the industry’s biggest stars under one single banner! Not only that but the song is executively produced by Khaled’s adorable son, Asahd Khaled, who serves as the youngest executive producer in history!

Credits: HipHopDX

There is no denying that Khaled and his son have taken over 2017, setting the pace for the culture to follow.