The day we have all been waiting for is here! Diplo just put out the Diwali edition of ‘Cold Water’! 

A few weeks back, Diplo’s Snapchat showed him hanging out with ‘Kolaveri Di’ hit maker- Anirudh Ravichander. A lot of people started speculating as to what the meet up was about. Then the universally acclaimed DJ took to social media to announce that he was collaborating with Anirudh to release a special Diwali edition of their Major Lazer mega hit ‘Cold Water’! Since news of the track started spreading, it just went on to show that Diplo has a special connection with India and his fans over here! The wait is finally over. Diplo released the track just a few hours back and we have to say its beautiful and magnificent! 

The video also sees a revamp with lamps and explosions added to give the home-made Diwali vibes. The track sees Anirudh seamlessly merge some tabla beats and completely flip over the drop with some melodious violin tunes. The Justin Bieber vocals still possess the serenading traits of the original song.

The festival of lights just got way way better! What a gesture by Diplo!