Many have speculated this next full release to be his best work yet.

And judging by the vibrant soundscapes we’ve continued to hear with each new clip of music, it just might be true. Over the last year, Deadmau5 has been mocking us all with his forthcoming album. We’ve gotten a unshakeable influx of fan-made rips from mau5′ live stream sessions, an entire “Strobe” remix album, and even a decent supply of singles cut from the new album.

Known for his iconic productions and being one of dance music’s luminary names, the Canadian has always been blunt about his art.

On his latest Twitch stream, he proclaimed that his team recently gave out his newest album to various media outlets. In fact, he was shocked by the positive reactions. About a month ago, he tweeted that he “fucking hates” the album and that he wished he “had more time”.

Only fans can give a true review of the album. Guess Deadmau5 will have to wait for them. Until then, check out the stream here .

Keep an eye on our page for an official announcement of Deadmau5’s upcoming album!