The accessory representing the rave culture across the globe will no longer be a part of the touring festival. 

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For all you ardent music admirers who are simply fed up of the PLUR culture that has single handedly scarred the image of electronic dance music, there is news that might provide some respite. Mad Decent, the recording label owned by dance music honcho Diplo, has banned ‘Kandi’ at all their festival tours.


The ban of this peculiar, spiky colored band may not directly influence the problem of drug abuse that is common at music festivals across the world these days, but it’s a step which might just curb the culture that the accessory is now, a major part of. It may not lay an impact on your mind as a drug ban (which is enforced at all music festivals but it does not really influence the numbers that eventually indulge in it) would but the Kandi + PLUR vibe needs to be kept a close watch on.


Diplo announced via his twitter that he would be banning the accessory at all of Mad Decent’s festival tour, after two deaths occurred at the Maryland edition last year.


He has received criticism from all sides for his new “safety” policy: Kandi Kids are certainly not happy that their attire is now prohibited, since they claim to be promoting a positive message. Others have attacked Diplo and claimed that his “message” is useless, saying banning Kandi bracelets and masks won’t stop people from sneaking in drugs. Here’s a list of all the banned items:


On the other hand, some folks have applauded the organizers’ bold move, as the Block Party is aiming to stay true to its roots by having the crowd remain focused on the music rather than costumes and outfits

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