The trio is seen battling several pop culture villains in the comic book-like video.

It has been a great week for all Diplo fans. It began with his three-piece band Major Lazer releasing an Indian remix of Cold Water for Diwali. While everyone was still reeling from that drop, Mad Decent (Diplo’s record label company) released a new track, ‘Hey Baby’, which is the result of a collaboration between Diplo and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

Image Source: YouTube

DVLM had first premiered the track at Tomorrowland, and for months there was no official video of the same, online. The reception from the attendees of the festival had kept their fans on the edge of their seats and when the track was released, everyone realised what the hype was about. The soothing vocals of Deb’s Daughter meshed beautifully with DVLM and Diplo’s production is a treat for EDM lovers.

And as of yesterday, we have an animated music video of the new single to enjoy. The video for “Hey Baby” features vocals from singer Deb’s Daughter and has been made in the form of an animated comic book. The clip finds Diplo, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike entering a movie theater, only to find themselves transported to a fantastical world filled with references to the best of pop culture. They find themselves in iconic scenarios from classics such as, Terminator, King Kong, Jurassic Park to even, Game of Thrones. In the end, they are saved by the same woman who invited them to the theatre.

The plot of the video doesn’t seem to have much connection to the video. What it is, is an entertaining clip with great animation and a pretty cool story-line, which is worth the watch. 

You can watch the video below: