Demon Slayer will be getting a new game, thanks to the franchise’s massive popularity. Also, there is a mobile game and a separate Console game. We have information about the console games. The Demon Slayer game was announced last year and since then we have been getting a steady flow of information.

But we just got major gameplay reveal with many new fight scenes and characters added to the game.

The video shows two Japanese guys playing the game. The footage shows us what to expect from the Demon Slayer game. The game is similar to Naruto Storm games and the battle mechanics are similar to the anime

Demon Slayer New Gameplay Footage

We can see Zenetsu and Tanjirou going toe to toe in this Demon Slayer New Gameplay Footage and also the different special moves they will be using in the game. The story mode wasn’t shown but expect it to be available once the game is released.

As for the release date, nothings been officially announced as of yet. And also the game won’t be a Sony Ps5 exclusive as many thought it was. The game will be available on all major platforms. Except for the Nintendo Switch as it doesn’t have the hardware capabilities to run it.

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