Minecraft 1.17 finally gave the community the update they wanted for so long, the caves and cliffs updates. The Minecraft 1.17 update has already given us many new features and will be giving more in the future.

The latest snapshot that was released gave us a new world height limit and also added new cave generation. The update will be the biggest update we have seen. So today we will countdown the top 10 features added to the Minecraft 1.17 update!

Top 10 new features added to Minecraft 1.17

Glow Squid

The glow squid won the mob vote this year, beating the iceolloger and the mushroom cow. Many were angry about this feature as the squids don’t even emit light. But the glow squid just recently got added and many have changed their minds about it.

Amethyst Geodes

The amethyst geodes are dome-like cave generations where a special type of black known as the crystal is found. These crystals are purple in color and can be used to make telescopes.

Spaghetti and Swiss cheese caves

The Spaghetti and Swiss cheese caves have been just recently added. Minecraft will never be the same game ever again.

Lush Caves

Lush caves in one of the many biomes that will be getting added to the game. The lush caves are what the name suggests. The cave is covered in greenery, and many new types of blocks are available in this generation.

Worl Height Limit increased

After years of requesting Mojang to increase the world height limit, they finally listened and increased it. Read more here – Minecraft 1.17 finally added big caves and world height is increased!

Lightning rod

The lightning rod will be a valuable addition to anyone’s house which is made of flammable blocks. The lightning rod redirects the thunder waves towards it keeping the surrounding safe.

Skulk Sensor

The skulk sensor revolutionized red stones. We finally have wireless Redstone!

Spore blossoms

Spore Blossoms are a part of the lush caves’ biomes and they look like an inverted Lotus. But they also keep emitting particles, giving more depth to the game

Copper blocks

The copper block is another mineable metal added to the game. But instead of using it for making armor and stuff, it is used to make building blocks and other items. The copper block ages as the world ages, they are stunningly beautiful


Warden is the most menacing looking mob in Minecraft. They will be seen in the deep dark biome where they lurk around blindly. They don’t see as they don’t have eyes, but get hostile when they hear vibrations!