An amazing gig, an amazing venue and an amazing crowd, that is what the evening of ‘Clarity’ at Delhi’s Kitty Su was all about.



There are nights that you remember because you’re afraid of forgetting how alive you felt at that moment. But there are nights that you simply cannot take out of your system because such nights end up becoming a part of you.

Something similar happened to us and the rest of the crowd that attended Zedd’s first ever show in India.

Zedd a.k.a. Anton Zaslavski played in Kitty Su, Delhi on 31st May. The opening acts were not well known by the crowd but their music was phenomenal.  The alcohol was flowing freely and everyone was on their feet, dancing and letting loose. The energy in the club was rather subdued at that moment but all you had to do was spend 5 minutes to realize that this was the calm before the storm.  And boy did that storm hit…

Zedd took the stage around 12 am and – there’s no other way to say this – blew the crowd away! He was greeted by cheers and cries by hundreds of overenthusiastic fans. The 23-year-old hit the stage and Kitty Su which was teaming with sweaty bodies, unleashed havoc as he dropped his first track. The club erupted into a cluster of thrashing bodies as he played a wide ‘Spectrum‘ of tracks. Everything from trap to dubstep was dropped into his mix. The production and visuals were astonishing and had the whole crowd captivated the entire time. Zedd confirmed that he is an absolutely larger than life talent and performer. Atmospheric bliss erupted as the crowd swayed and sang their hearts out to Zedd’s number one hit ‘Clarity‘. The show was straight fire and the club was alive with the sound of music.

Zedd’s set finally ended around 1.30 am, only to be handed over to Kitty Su’s resident, DJ Mash who kept the party going until the wee hours.

The after effects and hangover of the show are still being felt and it’s a feeling that makes you feel good about being alive and being able to experience such music that reaffirms your love and makes you believe that – for a little while – everything’s right in the world.

And as Ambika Muttoo rightly put it on Twitter, “the story can’t be done just yet … It feels like it’s only beginning”

I think we need to keep @zedd in India for a while. This story can’t be done just yet … It feels like it’s only beginning.

— Ambika Muttoo (@MissMuttoo) June 2, 2013

“We’ll run where lights won’t chase us
Hide where love can save us
I will never let you go”

We’ll never let you go, Zedd!

Thank you Kitty Su, Submerge and WMS for making this one of the best nights of The Sherp’s life.