Technology is finally capable of blurring the lines of disability!

A large community of deaf people will get the chance to experience music at a music festival in San Antonio for the debut of  Good Vibrations Music Festival. Miss San Antonio, Emma Faye Rudkin, the brain behind this festival, is a deaf person as well. You may be a bit cynical about this announcement but let us assure you that technology is here to make the deaf hear!

Credits: Madalyn D Photography

Vibrations from a technically-made vest by the company called Subpac are enhanced and the people who can’t hear the full spectrum of sound are able to hear the enhanced music vibrations. “You hear everything. What you can’t hear you can get confirmed with the vibration. That’s really neat,” Jennifer Shearrer, who had her first full encounter with music, told ABC.

Now, deaf people will enjoy a similar musical experience provided wholly through technology, after cochlear transplants. At the Good Vibrations Music Festival, people will enjoy activities that festival-goers all around the world enjoy and have an unique experience of the concerts.

“This event is so that they can experience the music throughout the backpacks and captioning and interpreting and the light shows. It encompasses the whole of the body, not just the ears,” said Emma Faye Rudkin, Miss San Antonio.

The festival will see the use of a lot of technical equipment and is proud to present the headliner, Ben Rector. More than thousands of Rector’s fans will enjoy the festival on May 20th along with the fans who are deaf.