Happy Birthday, Dave Grohl, you legend!

As it was Dave Grohl’s birthday yesterday, The Sherp looks at all those iconic festival moments that made him one of the most legendary rockstars of our time (and an all-round fantastic human being).

There is little to doubt about Dave Grohl’s contribution to contemporary music. The former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters frontman is not just one of rock music’s most important musicians, but also a stubborn supporter of the arts, invoking love and inspiration in many, even the naysayers. Given the man’s turned 47, we decided to celebrate those moments that prove Dave Grohl the rockstar he is!

1. When he stopped a fight during a Foo Fighters performance at iTunes Festival 2011

You never interrupt Dave Grohl when he’s in the middle of a song, least of all with a fight.

2. When he awarded his mother a touching tribute and took us down the nostalgic route by talking about Nirvana at Reading and Leeds, before leading the crowd into Times Like These.

When Foo Fighters returned to perform at Reading and Leeds in 2012, Dave Grohl was reminded of with a bucket-full of memories. He exemplified his performances with this touching tribute, and we couldn’t help but shed a tear.

3. When, despite a broken leg, he returned to Austin City Limits on a throne made of guitars, and rocked like the adorable and badass rockstar that he is!

No one has ever looked this majestic on a throne, as Dave Grohl did in his custom guitar-bearing throne at Austin City Limits. And his performance was testament to his innate badassery!

4. When he belted out some epic riffs from the middle of the crowd at Firefly Music Festival

Whether on stage, or in middle of the crowd, give Dave Grohl a guitar, and watch him fly!

5. When he had this to say to Florence + The Machine at Glastonbury 2015

Dave Grohl didn’t have to be at Glastonbury 2015 to be the man of the moment. When Foo Fighters had to pull out because of Dave’s leg injury and Florence + The Machine filled in, the latter gave a heartfelt tribute to Dave with a touching cover of Times Like These.

It was the festival’s standout moment. And Dave was as rendered as emotional as we were. His words about the performance is the kind of praise every emerging musician needs!

When we cancelled and they were searching for a replacement I prayed they’d just move them to the top of the bill because they fucking deserve to be there. I was so excited when they announced they would, I emailed Florence to congratulate her. The day after the gig, someone sent me a link to the performance and I cried like a fucking baby. It melted my fucking heart. I am forever indebted to them. It meant so much, you have no idea.

6. When he made us realise that he might just be rock music’s savior at SXSW, not as a performer, but as a keynote speaker.

Dave Grohl doesn’t have to be on stage in a proverbial black t-shirt with a guitar strapped across his chest to be a rockstar. He just has to merely talk.