Marshmello fans are roasting Deadmau5 for putting them to sleep at Decadence NYE in Arizona.

You can’t argue with facts such as the change in seasons, the continuous expansion of the universe or that there will always be beef between Deadmau5 and Marshmello. That sounds about right! Both of the helmeted producers have been known for their regular twitter beefs and ever since it was revealed that Deadmau5 would be playing before Marshmello, or “opening” for him, we were curious to know how that would work out!

Deadmau5 had been booked to play a 75-minute set and he used his time to play techno music rather than his regular live sets. As Dancing Astronaut noted, his set consisted of tunes such as Maceo Plex’s Solar Detroit, Ratio’s Elevation and more downtempo music. Rather than playing his big hits at the trap music event, Joel instead played “actual techno”, which Marshmello’s loyal fans failed to see.

But Marshmello had nothing but good things to say about Deadmau5’s set.

Deadmau5 also seemed pretty upset about the backlash received by EDM lovers who were waiting for Marshmello’s set and claimed that Deadmau5’s set was “75 minutes of bullshit.”

Marshmello fans really took the beef too far with their uneducated opinions about Deadmau5’s techno set. Maybe they were just looking for a more upbeat way to welcome the new year. This just further highlights how many music lovers actually believe in PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect) and how tolerant EDM lovers are for other genres of music.