Why the outspoken man behind the mau5 head is quite simply – the real deal.

He’s a force to reckon with and  when it comes to speaking his mind as he ditches any form of filter that comes in the way of his thoughts and his words.  We’re not completely approving the approach, nor are we slandering it – but whatever the man does, we think it works. Works in a way that makes him grow in stature, more importantly, as a pioneer of the industry.

The incredible live show, whether you’ve experienced it yourself or just heard about it from friends. The mixed studio albums and interesting sounds. We all know so much about deadmau5: he’s undoubtedly one of the biggest names in dance music. From his humble beginnings as a computer nerd making beats in Toronto to doing massive arena tours in every far-flung corner of the world, deadmau5 has truly made a name for himself and worked his way into the hearts of millions.

Here we just shed light on some of the aspects that have single handedly put him in dance music folklore.


The Fan’s Man

live.deadmau5.com – For people tired of surfing through “bullshit” on Twitter and other social networks, Deadmau5 and Upfront launched Deadmau5 Live, an online platform where he can interact more intimately with fans and keep them updated on “random crap” and his “stupid cat.” The site went live a month after he first teased it. Mobile apps for the experience will arrive in March.

While the site offers free access, some of the interactive features can only be unlocked through a monthly membership ($4.99) or what Deadmau5 calls a paid “suckscription” model. Live streams only for subscribers will include tutorials from deadmau5, screen sharing, events and concerts. “Suckscribers” also can download full songs, leave comments on “MSG BOREDS,” and occasionally interact with Deadmau5 in scheduled video chats.

deadmau5 with fan


The Mau5head

The iconic big eyes, the wide grin, the big ears. Whether it’s its original red, multicolored, or lit up at a show with LEDs, the mouse head is a constant symbol ofdeadmau5’s music and persona—and it’s effective because of the symbolism that stands out in peoples’ minds more easily than words or music do, and they quickly become strongly associated with particular people. They’re excellent marketing tools, and while this was probably not what deadmau5 originally intended the head to be used for, it certainly has contributed to his incredible rise to fame. It also helps that he wears the heads at live shows and other events, putting Joel at the back and bringing the character to life.

Mau5head PicMonkey Collage


Bullshit Intolerant

When the mau5 disapproves of something, he rarely keeps mum. His mind is basically bullshit detector making him rarely afraid to voice his opinions. His victims include :

Madonna –  Remember when he let the Queen of Pop know it’s not cool to use the word ‘Molly’ so casually? Madonna pulled off a deadmau5 in her reply, though.

madonna vs deadmau5



Beamz –  Joel disapproved of the laser music making technology by destroying the product.


The Free Gig – He refused to play in any Miami club because of  ‘trust fund kids and VIP bullshit’ and then this happened.

club space

More Deadmau5 shenanigans HERE


The Nerd

Joel caters his music to groups that are frequently neglected in the mainstream. With his extensive knowledge of technology, he could be called a nerd—in fact, the ‘deadmau5’ moniker comes from a chat room—and nerds are not typically a group that dance music is marketed towards or consumed by. Nightclubs, the primary place where dance music is played, are largely marketed as upscale venues for the young, rich and beautiful. Raves are generally places of love and acceptance, but it can be difficult to break into that scene. By not alienating the nerd set, deadmau5 has brought EDM to a new group: using internet lingo like ”FML’ and ‘Moar Ghosts N Stuff’ in his song titles and even appearing in ‘Epic Meal Time’, he creates interest and a common ground for people without prior EDM experience to stand on.

they wanted to tan


The Entertainer

At the core of it, the man is an all round entertainer. His social media is super, often coming up with the most innovative & extravagant and brutally honest posts. His sense humour is often biting and sarcastic but nothing short of witty. Hard hitting comebacks is a Mau5head specialty, to say the least.

deadmau5 comeback1 deadmau5 comeback2

deadmau5 dogecoin

There’s no doubting the guy’s a cynic but still chooses to see the humorous side to things happening around the industry. His latest stints involving:

Daler Mehndi – tweets to Indian popstar, inviting him to compose a collaboration (and makes one as well). Quite lol-worthy, we’d say.


Wildstylez – You simply do not mess with Joel’s tracks. Read more here.


The Coffee Run – the incredibly viral ‘show’ where he takes his celebrity friends for drive in his Ferrari while looking for some coffee.


There are hundreds of talented producers all over the world who don’t end up making it for countless reasons. Deadmau5 certainly got it all right, though.

Just a week away from his Indian Tour. Make sure to get your tickets HERE!