Recently, DeadMau5 announced that his long-awaited back-to-back set with house/techno legend Eric Prydz was going to be performed completely LIVE! 

This news was music to the ears for fans of Joel as well as Eric who are known for their massive scale of production and complete expertise in their field of music. Eric Prydz who recently concluded his EPIC 4.0 tour, which blew away people with what the genius achieved just took the excitement a thousand notches up when the announcement dropped that him and Joel Zimmerman were going to play a B2B set at this years Tomorrowland.

His latest Instagram post goes on to show that they’ve left no stone unturned in terms of the equipment or the quality they’re aiming for.

This picture also delightfully confirms the doubts of thousands of fans who wanted to know if the pair would be using any CDJ’s in their set. Deadmau5’s caption read “Yup. We’re doing a live show. Look mom, no CDJ’s“. HALLELUJAH!

Get ready for some mind-blowingly awesome levels of glory!