Two of the hottest artists team up for a brand new song and no surprises here – it’s already a hit!

Renowned French producer David Guetta and German artist Schulz recently collaborated with electronic music band Cheat Codes for a brand new dance number that you definitely don’t want to miss.

In the song titled, ‘Shed A Light’, the singer asks the woman in his life to not keep him in the dark but be honest with him about her feeling for him and not hide away from showing her emotions. The song begins with the soft vocals of Cheat Codes accompanied by a basic beat in the background and then picks up the tempo, switching pitch for a dynamic new sound.

David Guetta even spoke about how excited he was to collaborate with Schulz. “I have been supporting Robin since day one. We have been touring together and for this particular track I was very excited to work with him. Robin’s tracks are very musical and emotional. So to me working with Robin was an obvious choice. It felt like the right match.” 

The song is available for stream on Spotify now and is available for purchase on iTunes.

Check out the lyric video for the song below.