This beer is literally made out of pee, no kidding.

When you first read that title, you’re probably like…


But then when you think about it, and the fact that this is the same world where Chris Martin dropped by at a local pub in Delhi without so much as a tweet, you start thinking that maybe it’s possible.

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We’re here to confirm, folks, that indeed it is. Danish music festival organizers are offering attendees a simple way to help the environment. And that’s peeing.

Roskilde, a gigantic music festival held in Zealand, Denmark, expects a turnout of about a 100,000 festival attendees this year. The lineup includes amazing artists like Florence + The Machine, Pharrell and many more. The organizers of this festival, have launched a dandy campaign called “From Piss To Pilsner” (catchy, isnt it?).

This initiative encourages the fest-goers to pee in a metal trough next to a sign that says, “Don’t waste your piss. Farmers can turn it into beer again.” The urine will then be funneled into special holding tanks and finally spread as a fertilizer over malting barley used to brew beer.


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The aim is to collect 25,000 litres of urine, and if everything goes according to the plan, attendees of Roskilde 2017 will be drinking this recycled beer made possibly from their own urine.

“It’s about changing our approach to waste, from being a burden to being a valuable resource,” says Leif Nielsen from the Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC), which is partnering with festival organisers to promote “beercycling”.

Genius or utterly gross? Let us know your thoughts, folks.

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