Franck Rivoire, better known by his stage name DANGER, has launched a mix tape ahead of his full studio debut album release.

The French electronic musician is set to make a return to the spotlight with the announcement of his album entitled ‘太鼓’ (meaning percussion in Japanese). The short mix tape is accompanied by the album art and is now available to us!

Since the beginning of his career, DANGER has always maintained an anonymous stage presence. The dark and illusive self-imagery compliments the cinematic nature of his music. The six-minute track is an introductory teaser of the dark and tense sounds he is famous for.

As a child, the Paris based artist was heavily influenced by computer graphics and gaming. Rivoire trained to be a graphic designer and has also worked as one professionally. The entire album artwork has been designed by DANGER. Portraying a childlike figure clasping onto a shadowy object. The silhouette is surrounded by boxes and a street lamp. His artwork gels well with the strange and mysterious theme that runs throughout his music and imagery.


DANGER Album Art for ‘太鼓’

DANGER goes hard on the sound design and cinematic composition to create a wholly encompassing listening experience.

The artist recently featured as an opening act for Porter Robinson and Madeon’s Shelter Live Tour of North America. He is now looking to build a serious momentum towards his full album release later this year. 

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