Damian is determined to help the locals at Coalinga with jobs by marijuana farming.

Bankruptcy had hit Coalinga, California and it was in a bad shape. Soon came to their rescue, musician and marijuana smoker Damian Marley and his partner company. After going into debt, the city was in a crisis after a nearby jail was shut down.

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Damian came up with the idea of getting the rights to grow marijuana in the prison. He partnered with Ocean Grown, a company run by his manager’s brother and sister. This wiped out the town’s debts and will also create over 100 job openings when the facility is rolling open.

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Damian has been creating a stir with his yet-to-be-launched new album Stony Hill and a dispensary that carries the same name. The Grammy-winning artist’s album is set to hit out in January. Also, a signature strain has been developed in partnership with TruCannabis for the dispensary. The first harvest is expected in 2017.

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The new signature strain has been named Speak Life, which is the title track from his upcoming album. Speak Life will consist of OG Kush lineage from Ocean Grown, customised to Damian’s wishes. A 70/30 Indica dominant hybrid, it will be hand cultivated and trimmed.

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Apparently, this expensive venture will be a boom for California’s cannabis industry which is estimated at almost a billion dollars a year. The countdown to November, an election in favour of marijuana, could very well legalise recreational growing and selling in the world’s 6th largest economy.

Let’s hope the best for Coalinga and Cannabis and let us see Damian Marley – Speak Life.