Another one bites the dust.

The cancellation of Soundwave had sparked a huge campaign for a crowdfunded heavy music festival dubbed Legion but it seems the festival which was originally slated to debut this year will be put on the backburner until January 2017. Failure to meet the lofty goal of A$3,275,000 (of which they collected A$326,510) was just one of the reasons to re-schedule. Festival organizers issued a confidential statement to all the Pozible pledges stating multiple issues with finance, dates, artists, festival goers etc. This statement was soon leaked on the internet and later officially issued to the public by organizers.

Read The Statement Here :

Though not all news is bad news, according to the organizers, the push back will give them more time to create a much bigger and better festival experience with several more international headliners and sponsors. The current fundraiser has been extended for a period of 60 days and “all existing supporters will be recognized with organizers arranging extensive additional benefits to reflect their support. Those who would like to opt out and relinquish their founding benefits, are welcome to do so.”

With such a shaky start and a bumpier road ahead, what do you think will be the fate of Legion? Let us know!