With a bevy of music festivals around the corner, here are a few fashion and beauty looks you can adapt if you’re one for experimenting.


1. Glow in the dark hair colour

fashion glow in the dark hair1

Wild hair, don’t care?

Yup, 2015 has been filled with amazing and gorgeous hair trends like the dip-dye and ombre looks. But the start of 2o16 has brought an even wilder one to take on! Glow in the dark hair colour or ‘blacklight hair’ is a style that lets your hair look colourful during the day, but gives you this awesome neon look in the dark, especially when held under blacklight. And what better a venue, to flaunt your hair than a music festival? Take on those after parties and evening jams, by strutting your stuff in with this unique and vibrant look!

2. Nail Art


Nail art is a beauty-steady in the world of fashion, something that will almost never go out of style. With each year, the nail art trends get whackier and more wanton with pop art colours, starry nights, nail jewellery and what not. Our advice would be is to paint and adorn your nails as creatively as ever be it geometric designs, dip dye patterns or the glitter look. If you would like to take it up a notch, try painting your favourite music festival’s logo or design on your nails, Coachella’s ferris wheel to be one example!

3. David Bowie inspired face-paint

david bowie4

We have a nagging suspicion that all David Bowie inspired looks will blow up this festival season. Pay homage to everyone’s favourite androgynous hero Ziggy Stardust by indulging in some catchy facepaint, like the iconic lighting rod or the famous pirate-eye-patch-look. All in all, if you were and are a fan of one of the greatest men of glam rock, this would be the ideal look for you. To add on to the look, Best mole removal service can also be availed.


4. The ‘New Grunge’

Image Courtesy : www.harpersbazaar

Image Courtesy : www.harpersbazaar

Inspired by a spring season Marc Jacob look, here’s to donning greasy hair and clumpy eyelashes with a hint of pastel blue or purple eyeshadow thrown in. This edgy yet surprisingly feminine trend is easy to nail. Whether you’d like to look like a 13 year old boy or a vintage biker doll, the new grunge look is definitely what you should be taking inspiration from.


5. The Gilded Goddess

festival fashion roman crown

This is basically the Sansa Stark of all festival looks. With Egyptian and old-world gold imitation jewellery, roman crowns, elaborate side braids and the iconically feminine ‘no-makeup’ look, The Gilded Goddess is yet another Spring season trend that will get heads turning. Be it an Ethopian, Indian, Celtic or Norwegian goddess, transform yourself into an ethereal being this festival season!