Relive your festival memories by wiping your feet on them!

If you are someone who treasures festival memories by hoarding your tickets we have news for you. You can finally turn those festival/concert tickets into something useful i.e. floor mats!

That’s right. Lakeside Photo World, a company who are mainly into the printing business, can do this for you! All you have to do is mail them your ticket stub and they’ll send back a sweet customised mat. In case you’re wondering, the ticket stub gets mailed right back to you so you don’t need to worry about losing your OG souvenir. Mats average around $34 depending on the size but hey it’s a bargain considering this is going to be one of the coolest items you’ll own. Just make sure you don’t expose the mat to constant sunlight which is sure to fade the pattern, but otherwise, you’re good to go!