According to a new study, the Austin-based South By Southwest Festival is the most favourite festival of American people. Coachella is number 5 among the top 25 events 

With music festivals today enjoying popularity like never before, a new study has analysed the consumption patterns viz a viz such events among the youth. Based on a survey of 2,000 US consumers, researchers were able to list down the top 25 festivals in America. Surprisingly, the extremely popular gala, Coachella, was not the most popular event. Researches found that the festival that Americans love most is the Austin-based music, film and art gathering, South By Southwest. This event is closely followed by IHeartRadio (Las Vegas) and TomorrowWorld (Atlanta), which are in the second and third spot, respectively.

south1Steve Aoki and Lil Jon at South By South West, 2012
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Here are some of the other big findings from the Eventbrite Harris Interactive survey:
1. Attending music festivals is becoming young Americans’ one of the most preferred leisure activities. There is also a lot more social media conversation about music festivals, especially among people in the age group of 17-34.

coach2Attendees at Coachella
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2.  Most people visit a music festival for the general experience it provides than for catching a specific artiste.


3. It’s FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) that makes many people engage in social media conversations about music festivals.

Broadmasters Festival

4. 8 out of the top 25 music festivals are exclusively electronic. And they are witnessing humongous turnouts thanks to the Millennials, who make up a chunk of the festival-going population.


5. 70% of people said they are more likely to attend a future live event after participating in the experience online.

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6. Many people participate in festival via live streams or other online platforms.

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