Remember the quaint street art festival that transformed the nooks and crannies of Mumbai into vibrant and delightful spaces? Well the good folk at Now Delhi have curated a lovely recap video of the whole festival.


In an effort to unite and encourage street artists from Mumbai and all over the world, St+art India Foundation in Mumbai is brought together around 20 of the best creative talents from India and 10 from around the world, to showcase their skills in the bylanes of Mumbai, mainly in Bandra and Kala Ghoda.

The video follows the succession of the festival, through the streets of bandra, from mural to mural (while they’re being painted) and includes interviews with the artists themselves, some of who explain the point behind their work.

Amitabh Kumar on his mural ‘Much Much’, said:

“Spaces like these are rare in a large, growing throbbing metropolis like Bombay and are often threatened. And the threat is not that someone will come and destroy it, but they being bout out essentially. And this being one of the entrances (to pali village) almost like a threshold between two different set of urbans, the idea was to create a visual metaphor for this confrontation, so the idea of a battle came about. And i decided to use two of my own characters, a double headed crocodile, that is more about how time is constantly moving and their is this old, organic, bad man figure of mine.”


(Image Courtesy : Akshat Nauriyal. Mural ‘Much much’  by street artist Amitabh Kumar.)

Watch the delightful video below!