Yes! That’s what his Ferrari looks like now!

Joel Zimmerman, who doesn’t live life by the rules, has gone all out this time! He has wrapped his Ferrari 458 Spider in one of the internet’s zaniest memes – the Nyan Cat. Can’t imagine how many heads that is going to turn!

Meanwhile, fans have been pretty amused. The Sherp picked out some interesting reactions:

nyan cat 1


Ehh.. Lamborghini? Get your facts right, kid.

nyan cat 2


Yeah… no shit!

nyan cat 3

nyan cat 4

nyan cat 5

nyan cat 6


Well, if there’s someone who can turn their car into an internet meme, it has got to be the mau5! And nothing can be cooler than going on a coffee run in a Nyan Cat Ferrari with Deadmau5. The Sherp would love that!