One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as this festival demonstrates. #zerowaste 

America waste huge amounts food with a lot never even getting consumed. According to statistics, up to 40% of the American food supply gets wasted every year. This has prompted a group of NYC chefs to collaborate with the organization, “Feeding The 5000” which focuses on utilizing the salvageable parts of food that would normally be considered waste.


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Held in Manhattan’s Union Square, all the dishes at the food festival are free. Stalls serve fresh restaurant-quality delicacies like tortes, cookies, and rustic salads made from such “food waste.” The organization had previously held similar events in cities throughout Europe and Australia before heading to the U.S.A., the biggest food waste creator on the planet. In addition to the delectable delicacies, the festival also hosts talks and cooking demonstrations for visitors to learn how to cook less wastefully at home

What a novel idea to tackle an increasingly relevant issue!