Check into this amazing hotel the next time you’re at Lightning In A Bottle!

The Lightning In A Bottle festival has made a name for itself with its unique artsy experience and interactive elements. This year’s edition had a very interesting addition known as The Lightning Inn. Brainchild of an L.A. based art collective known as Imagine Nation, the Inn played host to festival travelers looking to solve a mystery, escape the music, get a little weird and have a lot of fun.

Courtesy : Fest 300

The video gives us a walk through of what can be accepted in this quirky inn. From weird looking hidden bars to clues behind picture frames, this hotel has it all. Everything follows a plot and the more you explore, the more you discover.

According to Prescott McCarthy, a member of Imagine Nation, “Interactive installations are a beautiful, inevitable progression of art. Why? Because the creative revolution has begun, and people don’t want to just sit back and watch anymore. We all want to be part of the process. Part of the magic…And the more mystery, problem solving, confusion, and hidden secrets the better, in my opinion. Not just a momentary step outside reality, but a leap into the unknown. That’s interactive art. That’s the future.”