The light and sound installation called Illumina was a massive hit at Burning Man with as many as 500k+ video hits! 

Burning Man is surely on every music festival aficionados bucketlist. Held in the temporary Black Rock City in the Nevada desert, it is the ultimate festival adventure that everyone must experience in their life. Forefronted by a community of contributors in spaces of artists, musicians, designers, fashionistas, volunteers, etc, Burning Man has everything larger than life to offer. One of the chief attractions at Burning Man is their massive art installations (see Embrace from 2014) and this year was no different. Illumina, a 37 foot tall, light and sound interactive installation, held everyone’s gaze at the Playa and had everyone involved in the three-minute long meditation and flow exercise that ushers them into a state of coherence and deep harmony with themselves.


Conceived by Mayan Warrior and Sr. Pago founder Pablo Gonzalez Vargas, the installation was truly immersive and had everyone in sync and in harmony with all the proceedings. Check out the video that has garnered over 500k views across social media and continues to be one of the hottest highlights of this year’s Burning Man.


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