Nearly 400 musicians have called out sexual assault against the music industry in an open letter.

Earlier this year, dozens of women rose up around the world against misconduct against them in the entertainment industry, which was brought to light by the #MeToo thread. While there were people who knew of such instances, the magnitude of the issue and the grave danger these women were put in was highlighted when hundreds of women across the world came out to share stories of such scarred occurrences.

Recently, women in the Australian music industry have also risen up to the issue of misconduct in their professional line of work and have addressed an open letter to the Australian Music Industry, titled #meNOmore. The letter goes beyond addressing just the issues of female musicians, and also includes people from the LGBTQ community and cisgender males.

The following is an excerpt from the open letter:

The full letter can be read in the video below:

You can address your issues and add to the open letter here, and for any queries, you may contact

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