The internet is a weird place and even a Chaiwala can become an overnight sensation! 

A few weeks back, photographer Jiah Khan chanced upon a blue-eyed chaiwala in Pakistan. She clicked a picture of Arshad Khan who was serving chai on the roadside and posted it on the internet. Soon enough, the internet exploded over the beauty of this casual road side guy. People expressed their surprise over this beautiful creature being found in such a random place. The hype then died down, as usual. Until now! 

The chaiwala a.k.a. Arshad Khan is now back with his own rap music video. Yes.

The video opens with a news channel titled ‘Chuss News Network’ reporting about the fame of a new chaiwala. That itself should set off your alarm. The video then progresses to show two rappers who discover this handsome chaiwala and are totally taken aback.

Add to that some sexist lyrics about girls being more horny than guys and you have the whole package. The song in its entirety is almost impossible to finish listening to.

The video and the whole story of Arshad Khan just goes on to show the all-encompassing power of the internet. The man also nabbed a modelling contract once the picture went viral. He even got a chance to get a makeover on Pakistan’s popular TV show – ‘Good Morning Pakistan’

You never know when your luck might kick in!