The Chainsmokers emerged as the music industry’s biggest breakout artists of 2016.

With ‘Closer’ emerging as the the duo’s third track to find it’s way to the top 10 this year (following ‘Roses’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’), they’ve pretty much cemented their spot at the top.

With one EP – ‘Boquet’, and few (extremely popular) singles under their belt, they have managed to emerge as “the most powerful brand name in a pop radio landscape, which is otherwise dominated by producers. Last month, the duo had announced that a new EP is on the way and finally, the wait is over. The EP, which includes four of their past singles, including ‘Closer’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, and their latest ‘All We Know’, is all set for release today. Many have spoken out in outrage over the fact that their EP is filled with previously-released singles. However, this has come to be a practice among several artists such as Martin Garrix (Gold Skies, 2014). In fact, the duo had done the same with their Bouquet EP.  

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However, what everyone is waiting for is their latest track “Setting Fires” made in collaboration with XYLØ. And, if you feel like you can not wait any longer, that’s okay. The EP is already live on Spotify for everyone to listen, and you can just head on over right away.