Sulafest 2016, turned out to be a roaring success and was accompanied by a lovely little campsite, that added to the experience!

From bonfires, lavish breakfast spreads, surprise jams and fireworks to sunsets and sunrises by a pond, Tent City seemed rife with activity that hosted around 700 people, over three days! Here are some great moments captured, from Tent City by the folks at LetsCampOut and The Sherp.

1. Welcome to Tent City!



2. Sunsets and sunrises like these, for three days. Serene.



3. Tent city, indeed



4. Inside the luxury tents, they came fully equipped, were spacious and had actually beds!




5. The campsite was nicely nestled between a hill or two, by a little tributary/pond.

Sulafest2016 camping facebook1


6. Days at Tent City were as energetic as they were fun. From Archery, badminton and trampoline jumping, there were many ways to spend time.


7. Let’s not forget the scrumptious barbecues! Guests were also served lavish breakfast feasts on both days!


8. Quintessential camp-jams with Abhijeet!


9. Followed by cozy bonfires.

Sulafest2016 camping facebook2


10. Festival ready, ready to go see some great bands, mere 200 metres away.


11. Until, next time Tent City!


(Images Courtesy : LetsCampout & Festival Sherpa)