A Kickstarter project is looking for donations to help their dream of making their very own Burning Man musical 

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A bunch of creators on Kickstarter are looking for the funds necessary to budget a satirical theatre-piece they have in mind for Burning Man. The festival has gained a reputation for being a gathering for the bold, the hip, the outrageous and those seeking to find a different sort of thrill in life.  The creators of the project are reaching out to people to help them compose a 5-minute opening video that they will be posting on YouTube after completion, and not for the entire musical. Based on the reception of this opening number, they will come up with a roadmap and timeline to develop the full production.

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burning man1(Images Courtesy: Kickstarter)

The ‘about’ section of the project states:

“Burning Man: The Musical is a Book of Mormon-style musical that celebrates the ecstasy and agony of Burning Man, an annual festival of community, self-expression and radical self-reliance in the desert of Nevada.” 

Tickets for the festival went live last week, and the queue waiting to grab these has been immense. The Sherp can’t wait to see the outcome of this project, and you can do your bit by donating HERE.

(Cover Image Courtesy: Burning Man Facebook)