This breathtaking structure, built by burning man artist David Best, will be torched in the honor of the Troubles victims by the Protestants of Londonderry.


During the Northern Irish conflict in the late 20th century, more than 3,600 people were killed and thousands more were injured as paramilitaries and security forces fought each other over a period of 30 years. To honor these victims, Catholics and Protestants of Londonderry, Northern Ireland, will light the 75 foot structure on March 21.


Built for the Burning Man festival by David Best, this timber wood temple took approximately two years to build. Folks around the city visit the temple in remembrance of the tragedy and those who were lost in it leaving messages, mementos and photographs.


David best has produced eight Burning Man structures, including the Temple of Juno for Burning Man 2012, which was much appreciated for its intricacy and art.