The folks at Budweiser have a special gig lined up for you that will combine live music, lighting and visual effects along with sound effects to create a wholesome and captivating experience. 

Deck duties will be taken care of by the extremely accomplished underground artiste B.L.O.T and gypsy jazz specialists Peter Cat Recording Co. who will dazzle you with their immaculate sounds. 

The event will be held at 9a and 12, above the Social in the Hauz Khas Village and it’s not your regular gig. A considerable amount of theater will be inculcated into the event as an interstellar vibe will consume the entire venue and take you on a journey through the final frontier. The show is divided in three parts:

The Voyage : As the band begins to play and the crowd is enthralled by the  illusion we have presented to them. The stage is setup with lights which are synced with the music. Other lights strobe and pulsate.

The Event : Warning signs begin to flash and the light rigs replicate a crash alarm. Sounds start to ring throughout the theater and the asteroid rips through the starfield on the sound consoles end and makes its way through the theater until it collides with the stage.

The anti – gravity crash :The lights go off as the alarms continue to sound the lights creating havoc when the harmonium sound starts to rise and drown out the alarms and so starts a fluid dream state where the music turns into a hindi based playlist and the atmosphere changes to that of a warm flashback.

November 9 – 9a and 12, above Social, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi