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The Annual music festival – Lollapalooza takes place every summer in the historic Grant Park in Chicago, surrounded by the iconic Chicago skyline and the shores of Lake Michigan, for a period of 4 days !

The cultural experience, this year, will include performances from artists like Muse, Lorde , The Killers, Blink-182 , Chance the Rapper, Alt-J, Vance Joy, Foster The People and many more!  With over 170 performances on 8 stages from 11 am to 10 pm, this is one festival you must attend!

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1. Festival Tickets

They have 3 different types of tickets available. General Admission, VIP and Platinum. 

You can opt to select either ‘The 4-Day Admission Ticket’ (that will let you enjoy all the days of the fest and the entire line-up) OR  ‘The Single Day Pass’ for each of the above options. 

The tickets can be found on their website. Here is the link to it.

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General Admission Tickets for the Lollapalooza for the 4 day festival costs start from Rs 23,595 .  VIP passes for the same will cost you about Rs 1,41,207+ fees while Platinum costs Rs 2,69,577 a ticket.

If you are not looking to attend all the days of the festival, Day tickets will cost you around Rs 10,000. 

2. Flight Tickets

To make sure you don’t miss a single minute of the Lollapalooza festival, it’s best to be in the city a day earlier!

Here are some of the best options from Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.

Check out Skyscanner for the best flight deals!




3. Stay

If you have people to accompany you for the fest, their official website offers “Two/Four Person Hotel Package Deals” ! Here is the link to the same.

For those who are planning to attend the festival alone, fear not! We have great deals for you too! Websites like Skyscanner and Airbnb have amazing listings for hostels and dormitory rooms.


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Head out to Skyscanner or Airbnb for more stay options!

4. Getting To The Venue

The easiest way to get around in Chicago is to use the amazing CTA system (Chicago Transit Authority). Bus and train routes go all over the city and most stops are no more than a few blocks apart – so it’s really easy to use! Public transportation provides an affordable alternative and avoids traffic. More than 100 bus routes lace the city with several lines operating 24 hours a day. CTA is clearly the way!

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Plan your Lollapalooza trip by using the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)‘s trip planner GoRoo with real-time travel information.

If you aren’t willing to travel by public transport, you’ll have enough Taxi services to reach Grant Park. Grab a cab and get dropped off on Michigan Avenue at Congress. Many ride sharing options exist in Chicago that will be available to help transport you to and from the festival. Car Pool, via uberPOOL, together with friends while using these ride sharing services, can be an easy option too.

5. Food And Beverage

The Lolla Food Experience is going to be mind blowing ! With over 35 award-winning chefs & restaurants including vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free options presenting their food at the festival! Curated by Chicago’s own celebrity chef Graham Elliot, Chow Town offers the most delicious festival food, drinks and sweets from the Windy City’s favorite restaurants.

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We found a thread on reddit posted last year that mentions beverage prices at Lolla. This should give you a rough idea for the same. Check it out here. According to the post, the price for one beer can cost you anything around Rs 400 to Rs 650, wine will be around Rs 455 per glass and about Rs 1700 for the bottle.

Obviously this depends on how much you want to wine and dine, but we can estimate this at around Rs 9600 a day to spend on food and beverage at the venue. This gives you enough money to grab some grub at the festival and snag some beers.

6. Sightseeing

If you are looking to explore the city while you’re there, some of the must visit places are The Art Institute of Chicago, Millennium Park , Cloud Gate, Wrigley Field, The Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier and Shed Aquarium. You can also check out the Walking Tours they have in Chicago.

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Our Final Say

Your entire Lollapalooza Chicago Experience can cost you less than Rs 2,00,000. Cheaper, if you plan well. For our final total, we have rounded up to higher numbers for each of the spending.

We do understand  that every item on this list can be made cheaper or more expensive, but this is a pretty good starting point for approximation of the costs for the festival. The biggest tip for reducing these costs is to do a deep research and book everything as early as possible. Like they say, The early bird gets the worm!