Last week, Bud Light Sensation Innerspace graced Quebec City with its epic presence for its third Canadian show. The newly launched Videotron Centre was transformed with aerial dancers, white balloons, stunning flower sculptures, and a rotating centre stage. Dancers dressed in white, adding awe to the breathtaking surroundings.


Standing in the arena with about 7,000 other attendees, the thumping bass and crowd’s cheering snaps you back to reality. Mr. White played groovy tracks that got everyone warmed up for what was about to come. Having everyone in white, it was the perfect way to get completely lost in the crowd and dance your heart out. East & Young upped the tempo, slamming track after track that made it hard to stand still at all, even if it’s just to wait for another drink at the bar.


When Nicky Romero came on, the crowd went nuts. It seemed a lot of people have been waiting for the man himself and he didn’t disappoint. At one point, he brought out a vocalist to sing a slow version of Florence and The Machine’s You Got The Love. As she stood in the middle singing, water cascaded down around her. It was hard to believe this was a stadium at all. Bud Light Sensation really transformed the entire surroundings and made the experience whole with all of the effects.


Finally, it was time to get serious with Chuckie, DJ Snake, and MOTi. If you weren’t already jumping nonstop, these guys made sure that everyone didn’t have much of a choice. The heavy dutch sounds and intense trap flood the speakers and everyone on the dancefloor kept up the momentum until late into the night.

For its third Canadian show, Bud Light Sensation has definitely left its mark and we’re excited to see what it has in store for the next Canadian date.

Festival Sherpa Staff