We’ve all seen the regular attempts at taking things to the extreme, with skydiving videos, underwater pictures etc. But this music video is most definitely out of the ordinary.

Seems like a regular video, shots of clubs, people dancing, DJs playing for a crowd and the regular stuff. But what sets it apart is the fact that it has been filmed THROUGH THE MOUTH of label head Louis Brodinski. Yes guys, we kid you not. the entire thing is shot through the view of his mouth!

The video and the song ‘Gimme Back The Night’ featuring Theophilus London does not disappoint. Along with the signature beats of Bromance Records, it has the backside of his teeth and lips forming a sort of border for the entire video!

Even though we’re all still wondering how he pulled off such a stunt (without gagging), it’s an absolute wonder to see this video from inside his mouth, even as he does random tasks like eating breakfast, playing a set, taking a pee, rolling a doob and watching some rather provocative ladies and their dance moves.

This video’s definitely garnered a lot of attention. We can’t tell if it’s for the music itself or the video, but all we know is that Brodinski’s given us a mouthful!


– Jenaina Irani