Bonnaroo is one of the better music festivals in the USA, and here’s why


Music festivals are integral part of the American summer, with college students and high school graduates taking advantage of their glorious summer breaks to see their favourite artistes perform with their favourite people.

However alcohol is often part and parcel to this tradition, while it doesn’t always have to be. Presenting Soberoo, a clean festival experience by the most thoughtful organisers at Bonnaroo.

In short, this is what Soberoo is :

“Music and community are the calling card of a beautiful experience on The Farm. And for Bonnaroovians who choose to remain clean and sober while enjoying the festival, Soberoo is a group that will support you with regular fellowship and daily meetings. They’re not affiliated with any other support groups so the only requirement for membership is a desire to stay substance-free at the festival! “


This amazing idea stems from the sentiment that older and unfortunately addicted music-enthusiasts should also be able to attend the festival without having to worry about the temptation to drink.

Bonnaroo’s co-founder Rick Farman talked about the origin of the idea “It happened really organically. A lot of the fans we first programed at the festival, already had groups like that which were affiliated with a particular band. So they’ll play a regular show, their sober fans would congregate.” Stemming from that he now says that these groups also travel to other festivals to support attendees who choose not to drink as well.