Download Festival’s cashless system only caused more trouble for attendees.

Like many other big-scale music festivals the Uk’s prime rock summer fest, Download Festival have adopted the cashless system this time around. The system that is supposed to cut down time through barcoded wristbands pre-loaded with money, malfunctioned quite badly this time around.


Festival goers complained about the queues being longer than what they thought, and that the wristbands did not register the money they loaded them with. This left a whole bunch of them angry, hungry and cashless.

Some festival goers have also been throwing up standing in the long queue from hunger or what we’d expect was exhaustion. A bunch of downloaders took to facebook to express their woes about the festival, to which the organisers promptly replied that they “were working on it”.

However according to spokesman from organisers Live Nation told Gigwise magazine: “Download’s new ‘cashless’ RFID system has encountered some minor technical issues, affecting around 1% of attendees, which has resulted in extended queuing times at some information points.”

Regardless of the amount of people it affected, it shouldn’t have come up in the first place. Hopefully this will teach other organisers to test out their cashless systems before launching them.